Equine Lameness

Equine Lameness Services in Sault Ste. Marie, MI

Horses are majestically beautiful creatures, but they can also be very tricky to care for. At Sault Animal Hospital, our veterinarians and veterinary staff, are experts in equine lameness and other equine complications. If you are in Sault Ste Marie, MI, consult us for the best care.

What is Equine Lameness?

A horse is considered lame when one or more of its legs does not work properly. Equine lameness can be demonstrated when a horse cannot move or bear weight on one or more. A horse experiencing lameness is either unable or unwilling to move. This is a common complication that horses can have. If your horse has equine lameness it is important to bring them in if you notice symptoms of limping, dragging of the leg, unstable gait, or slow performance. In worse cases, you will notice your horse’s complete inability to move.

Our hospital is here to help you find the root of your horse’s lameness. We want to ease your mind and care for your horse’s pain.

What Causes Equine Lameness?

Equine lameness can be caused by a range of problems, such as infection, severe injury to the limb, or a condition it was developed at birth. Your horse may have a degenerative joint disease or abscesses in its hoof. Injuries your horse may have experienced include but are not limited to tendon damage, ligament issues, fractures, or breakage. Finally, when a horse is born it may have ‘contracted tendons’, which is a condition where your horse’s leg(s) are excessively straight. It is important to contact our office when you notice equine lameness. The faster your contact our office, the faster we can begin to treat your horse and get it back on its feet.

How to Treat Equine Lameness

To treat your horse’s lameness, our animal hospital will provide many options for treatment. Our veterinarians will use their skills to properly diagnosis your horse’s symptoms. Once we diagnose you’re the cause of your horse’s lameness, we will offer you options for the various treatments we recommend. Lameness of the hoof or foot may be easily resolved. However, lameness that is the result of injury does need to be addressed by one of our veterinarians. Our veterinarian may provide you with options such as hydrotherapy and anti-inflammatory medication. To resolve the issues that your horse is having with its gait, call 906-635-5910 for the finest pet care in the Sault Ste. Marie area.