Hailey Raye Angel Fund

She was brought to the animal shelter at six weeks of age found with her eye protruding out of its socket. The staff immediately rushed her to Sault Animal Hospital where the Doctors gave the bad news if she would have been brought in sooner there might have been a chance to save it but it had been too long. Her only hope would be to remove it. The surgery took place the next day and it was a success. She was bouncing around like any other puppy at that age would. She left a lasting impression on the Doctors and staff including staff member Lori Henderson. She fell in love with her and adopted her. And so you would think it ends there but Hailey donated blood saving 5 other dog’s lives.

Hailey was diagnosed with nasal cancer in July of 2012 and fought courageously. But lost her fight on Oct 14, 2012, at just 7 years of age. We have set up an Angel fund in honor of Hailey, to help her memory live on by providing financial assistance for veterinary care for those pets whose immediate chance of survival will be affected, or the animal suffering from a condition that will affect its survival and well being without such care.

Pets treated under the Hailey Raye Angel Fund will receive the same level of care as any other veterinary patient.

Thank you for your donations, and thank you, Hailey Raye!