Parasite Prevention

Keep your Home Clean

Fleas (and their larvae) can become embedded in your home’s carpet and upholstery. As such, you should vacuum often and pay special attention to corners and the areas underneath your baseboards. When finished, empty your vacuum cleaner cup by dumping it in a trash can outdoors. If you have a vacuum cleaner bag, place a flea collar inside it to kill any eggs that might hatch.

From time to time, you will need to steam clean your carpet, upholstery, drapes, and area rugs. You could need to steam clean some surfaces three to four times each year, or whenever you experience a heavy infestation. Wash throw rugs, pet toys, and bedding frequently in hot water. Don’t forget to vacuum your own mattresses, linens, and stuffed animals as well.

Flea and Tick Prevention Outside

Fleas and ticks love a messy yard. So, by keeping your grass cut and hedges trimmed, you will be doing your part to discourage them from making a new home. In Sault Ste. Marie, we have several wild animals such as raccoons and squirrels that can also carry fleas and ticks. A well-maintained lawn is less likely to attract this wildlife, which could leave pests behind when they visit.

Even those who meticulously care for their lawns can still encounter fleas and ticks. Should that happen, a spray-on flea treatment could prove very effective at eliminating these pests. Make certain to follow the application directions thoroughly to ensure everyone’s safety.

Keep Your Pet Pest-Free

Take the following flea and tick prevention measures to keep your pet free of pests:

  • Bathe your dog or cat often, using a special flea shampoo to eliminate fleas and their larvae.
  • Comb your animal with a flea comb to catch any fleas that are remaining.
  • Apply a topical flea treatment monthly. Our veterinary clinic can recommend the right product for your dog or cat.
  • Provide your pet with a flea collar for added protection.